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std_msgs contains wrappers for ROS primitive types, which are documented in the msg specification. It also contains the Empty type, which is useful for sending an empty signal. However, these types do not convey semantic meaning about their contents: every message simply has a field called "data". Therefore, while the messages in this package can be useful for quick prototyping, they are NOT intended for "long-term" usage. For ease of documentation and collaboration, we recommend that existing messages be used, or new messages created, that provide meaningful field name(s).

Note that this package also contains the "MultiArray" types, which can be useful for storing sensor data. However, the same caveat applies: it's usually "better" (in the sense of making the code easier to understand, etc.) when developers use or create non-generic message types (see discussion in this thread for more detail).

Newly proposed, mistyped, or obsolete package. Could not find package "std_msgs" in rosdoc: /var/www/docs.ros.org/en/api/std_msgs/manifest.yaml


There are currently no plans to add new data types to the std_msgs package.

2024-07-13 14:39