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This package contains no ROS nodes or utility commands.

It provides a C++ class used by many camera drivers to manage the camera calibration data required by the ROS image pipeline.

For camera drivers written in Python, the camera_info_manager_py package provides a similar interface.


For ROS Diamondback, this package moved to the image_common stack. For C Turtle, it was part of camera_drivers.

In ROS Diamondback the CameraInfoManager class moved to the camera_info_manager namespace. For compatibility with ROS C Turtle, the global CameraInfoManager class name is still supported. It is deprecated in Electric Emys and removed in Fuerte.

Camera Names

The API includes a camera name, which is written when CameraInfo is saved, and checked when data are loaded, with a warning logged if the name read does not match.

Camera driver authors should refer to the API documentation for syntax details and recommendations for assigning camera names.

URL Names

The location for getting and saving calibration data is expressed by Uniform Resource Locator (URL). These URLs are commonly used in the APIs of this package and may also contain substitution variables to refer to common locations. Please see the API documentation for supported URLs, file formats and substitution variables.

New in Electric: the URL may now contain substitution variables, including the camera name and ${ROS_HOME}.



This C++ class provides the following ROS interfaces, when instantiated in a camera driver node:



This package does not read ROS parameters directly. Where appropriate, we recommend that drivers provide a ~camera_info_url parameter for the URL string passed to CameraInfoManager.


camera_info_manager::CameraInfoManager class

For compatibility with C Turtle, the global CameraInfoManager class name was still supported, but it was deprecated in Electric.

New in Fuerte: the global CameraInfoManager class is no longer available, use camera_info_manager::CameraInfoManager instead.

New in Hydro: a new setCameraInfo() method allows the caller to set CameraInfo parameters directly.


The camera_info_manager is used in the camera1394 driver. Search for cinfo_ in the source code to see where the CameraInfoManager class is used. In particular, note the handling of Header time stamps and transform frame IDs.

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