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ROS C Turtle


C Turtle was released August 2, 2010 and is the second ROS distribution release. It is mainly an incremental update to the libraries already released in ROS Box Turtle.

Stack contributors: debian build status


Please see the installation instructions.


ROS C Turtle is primarily targeted at Ubuntu Jaunty through Lucid releases, though it can also be installed on various Linux systems like Red Hat, Debian, and Gentoo. It can also be used on OSes like Mac OS X and FreeBSD, though with more limited compatibility. See the installation page for more details.


C Turtle provides over nearly eighty ROS stacks divided into three variants:

ROS C Turtle includes nearly twenty new stacks, though these are all still considered unstable. These new stacks mainly focus on 3D perception, manipulation, and grasping. It is recommended that users exercise caution when using stacks that have not reached 1.0 status. Pre-1.0 stacks are likely to undergo significant changes as we focus on stabilizing them for ROS Diamondback Turtle and subsequent releases.


Stacks in the base variant are generally very stable and consist mainly of robot-generic libraries, developer tools, and drivers for common hardware.


The pr2 variant is intended for users of the PR2 robot and mainly consists of stable, PR2-specific libraries. In the future, some of these libraries may become robot-generic.


The following stacks are provided in the 'pr2all' variant. These stacks are generally unstable and are very volatile. Subsequent ROS distributions may include these stacks in the "base", "pr2" or other variants as they stabilize.

Change List/Migration Notes

The major changes for the stable stacks in the ROS C Turtle release are summarized below.

ROS 1.2

ROS architecture and client library updates

Graph tools

Build tools

Filesystem tools

Support Libraries

camera_drivers 1.2

common 1.2

common_msgs 1.2

diagnostics 1.2

driver_common 1.2

geometry 1.2

image_common 1.2

image_pipeline 1.2

imu_drivers 1.2

joystick_drivers 1.2

laser_drivers 1.2

physics_ode 1.2

pr2_common 1.2

pr2_mechanism 1.2

pr2_robot 1.0

pr2_simulator 1.2

robot_model 1.2

simulator_gazebo 1.2

simulator_stage 1.2

slam_gmapping 1.2

sound_drivers 1.2

Removed deprecated APIs from sound_play.

visualization_common 1.2

visualization 1.2

rviz: New Features

rviz: Bugs Fixed


vision_opencv 1.2

Identical to Box Turtle

The following stacks are identical to their Box Turtle releases and have only received bug fix updates:

New Experimental/Research Stacks

The following stacks are new in ROS C Turtle. They are currently unstable and are only meant for early adopters and developers who wish to contribute to their future development.

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