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Code review process

Code review is the last step of the software QA process. We do a code review after all the previous steps are completed. The goal of this step is to look deeply at the package by reading the code, documentation, and tests.

Brian and package author(s) together decide that a package is ready for code review. Also together, they decide who would be the most appropriate examiner (authors of the package cannot be the examiner). The author contacts the examiner to request that review of the package and negotiates a timeframe. The examiner will need at least a few days, and perhaps much longer, to perform the examination.

Some packages will merit more than one examiner.

The examiner is responsible for running through the ExaminerChecklist. After the examiner completes this checklist, a code review meeting is scheduled (note that, depending on the result of the examination, the examiner can postpone the meeting, pending more work by the author). The examiner drives the meeting from the notes generated from the examination of the package.

At the end of the meeting, Brian or Eric will make the final determination of whether the package is cleared, conditionally cleared, or needs significant re-work.

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