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The ZED Stereo Camera is a lightweight depth camera based on passive stereo vision. It outputs up to 2208x1242 high-resolution stereo video on USB 3.0, and can work in high-speed mode in VGA at 100 FPS. The ZED SDK computes a depth map of the environment on the GPU of the host machine at the frame rate of the camera. It also gives you access to a strong odometry that learn its environment, making it able to relocate itself at any moments. Read More


The ZED Mini camera introduces a beautiful black design with an aluminium bezel designed to maintain sensing quality over time. The camera also features new gyroscope and accelerometer for visual-inertial motion tracking and a USB Type-C connector. Read more.


Getting Started

Please follow the official Stereolabs "Getting Started" guide to install the ZED ROS wrapper with all the latest features.

Report an Issue

If you encounter an issue with the zed-ros-wrapper, please refer to the dedicated issue list on Github at https://github.com/stereolabs/zed-ros-wrapper/issues

2019-11-16 13:32