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Package Summary

Maintainer status: maintained

Maintainer: Rocwang <825213566@qq.com>

Download: https://github.com/yowlings/wit_node.git

Author: Rocwang

License: BSD

This is the ROS nodelet package for wit motion company imu and gps sensor. Providing driver, ros driver and nodelet intergrating program.The wit motion 9-axies IMU and GPS module provides abundant types of data for user, including nine axises data, atmosphere pressure, temperature, latitude,longitude, altitude, satellites number .etc



Launch the only ROS launch file:

roslaunch wit_node wit.launch

Dependencies and Install

1. ROS

2. ros-<distro>-ecl

Install ecl by

sudo apt install ros-<distro>-ecl



The wit ros node for getting IMU&GPS module data and publishing related topics.

Subscribed Topics

~<name>/reset_offset (std_msgs/Empty)

Published Topics

~<name>/raw_data (wit_node/ImuGpsRaw) /imu (sensor_msgs/Imu) /gps (sensor_msgs/NavSatFix) ~<name>/related_yaw (std_msgs/Float64)


~port (string, default: /dev/ttyUSB0)

2020-04-18 13:22