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Only released in EOL distros:  

Package Summary

ROS node which is a client for Virtual Reality Peripheral Networks and publishes a TF frame and TransformStamped for tracked bodies. Tested with the Optitrak motion capture system from NaturalPoint.

Demonstration Video

Hardware Setup


Running the code

  1. Run node from command line to track an object whose name is Trackable1:
    $ rosrun ros_vrpn_client ros_vrpn_client __name:=Trackable1 _vrpn_server_ip:=
  2. visualize in rviz:
    $ roslaunch ros_vrpn_client demo.launch
  3. check rate at which object is being tracked:
     $ rostopic hz /Trackable1/pose
    • We can track objects at 100Hz.

TF coordinate frames

  1. /optitrak
    • world frame that we will use.
    • X axis is along the x axis of the clibration pattern.
    • Z axis is vertically up.
  2. Every tracked object has a coord frame whose TF name is the name of the ros node (given from the launch file or command line).
    • Hitting "Reset To Current Orientation" in the Tracking Tools software (Trackable properties) aligns the object coord frame with the /optitrak frame.



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