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ROS Motor Controller Drivers

This page aggregates all ROS packages that allow interfacing with a motor controller or servo controller.

PhidgetMotorControl HC (1064)


Node Architecture

Roboteq AX2550 Motor Controller


Node Architecture

Robotis Dynamixel Servos

Dynamixel SDK

Dynamixel Workbench


Esmacat Motor Driver

Official Contact Page: Esmacat

Motor Driver 250

Chip Robotics

Contact page: Chip Robotics Product Website: https://chiprobotics.com

Brushless DC Motor Controller

Sinusoidal Software and Robotics

Company Page : https://sinusoidal.com.tr

Magistral Series BLDC Driver Datasheet : https://sinusoidal.com.tr/datasheets/BLDCDriver_Datasheet_v0.pdf

Github Repo : https://github.com/muratkayamurat/MagistralBldcDriver

Store : https://sinusoidal.com.tr/Store.html

Magistral Series BLDC Driver

Magistral series are a high performance, cost-effective, 3phase BLDC motor drivers. The design of Magistal series drivers is based on advanced DSP technologies with safety measures. Magistrals can provide high tork, low noise, low vibration, PID speed loop, PID tork loop, over curent protection, over load protection and combined with manual control.

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