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Releasing for ROS Fuerte

ROS Fuerte had a preview version of catkin which was vastly different from the Groovy and later versions. In bloom-0.4.0 support for Fuerte was dropped in order to simplify the code base. If you want to use bloom to release catkin packages in Fuerte, then you will need to install an older version of bloom. You can do this with a virutal environment.

Creating a virtualenv

First install virtualenv if you don't already have it:

Then create a folder to hold your virtualenv:

Then call virtualenv to create your virtual environment:

This will construct the environment, but then you must "activate" it:

Installing bloom 0.3.4

Now you are in the virtual environment, so you should install the appropriate version of bloom:

Now you can use bloom-0.3.4 as you normally would for Fuerte.


You can exit this environment by running:

And from now on you can reactivate this virtual env by running this again:

2020-04-18 12:30